3 Best Uranium Stocks You Can Buy Right Now

Cameco is the world’s largest publicly traded uranium company. The company has 455 million pounds of proven and probable mineral reserves. And annually, it has the licensed capacity to produce more than 53 million pounds of uranium concentrates. Founded in 1993 by brothers Tom and David Gardner, The Motley Fool helps millions of people attain financial freedom through our website, podcasts, books, newspaper column, radio show, and premium investing services. Get free stock recommendations and real-time news.Our portfolio has returned over 100% in 2020.

Nope, the reality is that we don’t speculate on commodities. If we did, we break down how we might get exposure to lithium via the major producers, something we have no plans to do because we’re investors, not speculators. We could care less if lithium goes up, down, or sideways, and we’re always amused when someone such as yourself makes a snide remark about it. Mineral price fluctuations are related to demand and perceptions of scarcity.

The memories of these disasters have stuck in people’s minds. There’s been a lot of negative press, and that’s likely led to fewer people investing in uranium stocks. “WMT’s proactive approach to its supply chain and inventory supported solid results last quarter and positions the company well for 2H21.

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Nuclear Regulatory Commission approved the construction of four new reactors. This was the first time that had happened since the 1970s. Ur-Energy is a junior mining company with a lot of room to grow. Its main operation is the Lost Creek uranium facility in Wyoming.

The firm identified the companies with a positive historical sensitivity to the consumer price index from that pool. The bank also identified companies with lower-than-median labor intensity — the ratio of employees to sales — and higher expected market share in 2021 compared to 2019. Despite the potential delays, Chatterjee believes that strong customer demand will eventually boost Apple’s stock price.

Why Buy uranium stocks

There are plenty of compelling options to play the upcycle, from the ETF to individual uranium stocks. Wells Fargo set a price target of $156 per share on Teladoc, which is 14.5 percent higher than where the stock closed on Monday. “Michelin’s exposure to the current chip shortage risk is limited.” Furthermore, higher prices should benefit the company,” the analysts stated. Of the 2,000 plus articles we’ve written that are NOT about uranium, we’re experts in few of these topics.

Uranium Stocks Are Finally In The News After Several Years, And You Don’t Want To Miss This Opportunity

Since our last look at uranium miners, the Sprott Physical Uranium Trust has increased its holdings of the metal from 28 million pounds to more than 41 million pounds. Since its initial public offering in late July, this over-the-counter-traded fund has added about 22% to its share price. Writing about uranium stocks was likely a topic that came up because our Managing Editor thought it might be provocative. To lower political and other types of risk, Cameco operates projects around the world.

Why Buy uranium stocks

And as the number of units it sells rises, it’ll have to buy as much of the underlying commodity — which is uranium in its case — to hold against those units. That’s pretty much the only thing spot uranium prices require to keep moving higher. Yet this could just be the beginning of the rally in uranium stocks, and while it could be a bumpy ride, here are the best three uranium stocks you could buy right now to play along.

Best Stocks To Buy Now May 04, 2022

Reports of production problems have weighed on Apple’s stock in recent weeks, but shares appear to be gaining traction, rising 4% in the last three trading sessions. Chatterjee expects Apple to report $1.30 in adjusted earnings per share in the fiscal fourth quarter, aided by strong sales of the old iPhone 12 series. However, due to supply chain issues, JPMorgan reduced its fiscal first-quarter estimates for iPhone sales and revenue. In a note to clients on Tuesday, analyst Samik Chatterjee, who has an overweight rating on the stock, said that weak guidance during Apple’s quarterly report could overshadow strong earnings. The bank reduced its earnings forecast for 2021 due to lower global production levels, but it expects a “sharp” increase in EBIT margin next year.

UBS expects Stellantis to announce a “rock-solid” outlook for its North American business. We don’t disagree that politics and natural disasters are also risks that come into play, and that the uranium market – like all other commodities markets – is extraordinarily complex. Uranium will prove to be the cornerstone of decarbonization. And btw there are some solid companies out there and not penny stocks even if their price right now may give that appearance.

  • The company has 455 million pounds of proven and probable mineral reserves.
  • The central bank has hinted that it may begin to reduce its asset purchases later this year.
  • The only argument for uranium is that it can provide some diversification to clean energy portfolios with its dependably low growth that reduces volatility.
  • The NorthShore fund has raised approximately $198 million in the last month, wi$603 million expected in 2021, bringing its total asset base to $847 million.
  • Oil company ConocoPhillips, food processing and commodities trading corporation Archer-Daniels-Midland, and chip maker Advanced Micro Devices are among the companies that have contributed to the bank’s screen.
  • Following a surge in new members during the pandemic, the company expects paid membership growth to be flat to slightly higher in the second half of the year, with year-end guidance ranging from 52 million to 54 million.

The long-term effects on our environment could be even worse. Volatility profiles based on trailing-three-year calculations of the standard deviation of service investment returns. Uranium stocks are finally in the news after several years, and you don’t want to miss this opportunity.

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For those who are bullish on the growth of nuclear energy, there aren’t many pure-play nuclear energy stocks out there. An alternative approach might be a pick-and-shovel play on nuclear energy – uranium stocks – since existing power plants will need fuel indefinitely. In this article, we’ll look at the uranium investment opportunity in an attempt to find “the best uranium mining stocks” which a lot of investors are looking for. A majority of the findings in this piece came from the World Nuclear Association’s rich research database. There are many reasons to avoid the “uranium mining stocks” investment thesis. Low growth, increasing efficiencies in nuclear power plants, and scarce investment opportunities make the physical uranium thesis unattractive.

Why Buy uranium stocks

The top commodity experts in the world like Rick Rule , Doug Casey and Marin Katusa plus numerous investment analysts has stated were are in the start of a major bull market . Uranium is a commodity traded on the New York Mercantile Exchange in standard contracts of 250 pounds of U3O8. Most trade is via 3-15 year term contracts with producers selling directly to utilities. In 2000, primary market participants – utilities and producers – accounted for 95% of the spot market. That share decreased to two-thirds by 2005 and one-third by 2011 and it has remained at 30-40% since.

How To Invest In The Best Uranium Mining Stocks

We’re researchers who learn alongside our large audience of institutional and retail investors of whom a miniscule fraction are uranium investors such as yourself. That’s great that a bunch of people who speculate for a living have an opinion. Penny stocks are hot garbage, and people should avoid them like the plague. That’s great that you’ve been able to speculate on one of the most risky and scam-ridden asset classes out there and achieve some paper gains.

Sure Developers and Explorers might be speculative but Producers can be classed as investments. I’m convinced you are trying to engineer a sell-off so you can buy-in Unbelievably weak article. No mention of the last bull market, the bear market post Fukushima, the growing deficit. Absolute joke, looking for a constructive bear case better look elsewhere. I wish I paid more attention to that article as it was very well timed. Conventional underground or open-pit mining (43% of global output).

The ability of a company to raise prices without losing business is referred to as pricing power. Companies with pricing power fare better than competitors during inflationary periods because they can pass on higher costs to customers. According to the September producer price index, prices for final-demand wholesale goods increased 0.5 percent from the previous month. The index increased 8.6 percent year on year, setting a new high since the data series began in 2010.

Solar and wind, on the other hand, are intermittent power sources because they cannot be ramped up and down at will. Nuclear energy is having a resurgence lately, thanks to advanced nuclear technologies and an increased investor interest in clean energy sources. Nuclear power is not strictly renewable – it uses uranium as its fuel – but it is certainly green. Currently, nuclear power provides about 10% of the world’s electricity, and 18% of electricity in OECD countries.

Other renewable energy alternatives such as wind energy present a much brighter growth opportunity. The only argument for uranium is that it can provide some diversification to clean energy portfolios with its dependably low growth that reduces volatility. At this point you may be asking yourself, why would I ever invest in uranium stocks when the demand for uranium is growing at such a slow pace? We have no idea why thousands of investors search every month for terms like “best uranium stocks” or “where can I buy uranium stocks.” For whatever reason, there’s a strong interest in the uranium investment thesis.

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While the bulls believe technology will increase nuclear capacity, the bears point to a dismal growth forecast. The International Atomic Energy Agency expects nuclear capacity to grow by 82% over the coming 30 years – a meager 2% compound annual growth rate . One unique thing that sets UEC apart is that it’s unhedged. It’s highly leveraged to uranium’s price compared with all other uranium miners globally. This uranium stock also made our list of top energy penny stocks. Kazatomprom (0ZQ.F) is the largest global producer of natural uranium with priority access to one of the world’s largest uranium reserves.

Best Uranium Stocks You Can Buy Right Now

Both companies have more to offer now than they did during those years. The uranium market WILL be facing REAL shortages via electricity demand for growth in energy demand, minimal supply increase, EV growth, environmental concerns and others. The Green movement may be an enormous factor b/c uranium provides a supply of carbon free electricity.

This one is a pass because we don’t have the time nor the resources to try and investigate companies that aren’t straightforward. More public and private investments are going into nuclear energy as well. Bill Gates has even launched https://xcritical.com/ a nuclear innovation company, TerraPower. There are many projects on the horizon involving a push for renewable energy. The higher the interest in uranium, the larger the number of its units the Sprott Fund should be able to sell.

“Our research shows that, given the amount of leverage in the system, the Fed, even if it starts raising rates, can’t get rates much higher than 2% before the economy starts to stall,” Minerd said. The 2% level, he believes, should serve as a “pretty much a cap” for the 10-year Treasury yield. Apple’s fiscal fourth-quarter results are set to be released after the market closes on Oct. 28. Analysts Stephen Baxter and Stan Berenshteyn initiated coverage of Teladoc at overweight, stating in a note to clients Monday evening that the company has developed a well-rounded offering for virtual health.

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It has a large footprint in Canada, but also in the U.S., Australia and Kazakhstan. So as global uranium demand increases, this top uranium stock should see higher returns. For all you know, the Sprott Physical Uranium Trust ETF could turn out to be one of your biggest winning uranium stocks in the long run. As I hinted earlier, the Sprott Fund has had a major role to play in the recent rally in uranium prices as it’s been buying uranium aggressively from the spot market ever since its launch in July. As of Nov. 26, the fund had accumulated nearly 41 million pounds of uranium, versus only 18.3 million pounds on July 31.

JPMorgan’s price target of $180 per share is roughly 23% higher than where the stock closed on Monday. In late September, we took a look at five uranium-mining Atomic energy stocks just as shares were peaking. About a month later, the stocks peaked again, before sinking by around a third as of Tuesday’s close.