Koszanowski, Wiktor Meters 22y S Russia – Polish Dolginow, Russia

Koszanowski, Wiktor Meters 22y S Russia – Polish Dolginow, Russia

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Reveal to possess Zeeland Cruising of Antwerp July 23, 1912 . Bermann, Record F 20y S Russia-Hebrew Dolinow, Russia . Schulman, Rasehe F 22y Yards Russia-Hebrew Dolginov, Russia . –

I’m trying to facts about my father’s relatives. Their name’s Wincenty Szyszlo and had a sis Karol. They originated Vilno today Vilnius. My personal buddy Karol grew up in Dolchinow. Is this like Dolginovo, Lithuania? My personal Grandfather was Andrje Szyszlo in which he hitched Catherine Swiatocho . –

Sep 06, 1904 Narotzki, Mottel Meters 22y M Russia, Hebrew from Dolginevo planning Brooklyn so you can his brother in law; Yards. Mar? Chajet, Janke Yards 27y Meters Russia, Hebrew Lachewitz .

Iwan Naruzki Oloszowo, Russia 1913 twenty-eight Andrej Naroski Lamza 1902 18 96% 2. Antoni Naroski . 1906 32 96% 3. Matwe Naruszki 1896 twenty-two 96% step 1. Beile Narotzki Swir, Russia 1913 25 97% 2. Breine Narotzki 1906 4 97% step 3. Chace Narotzki 1906 twenty-six 97% 4. Hene Narotzki Swir, Russia 1913 step three 97% 5. Jacob Narotzki Seweniczny 1905 thirty-five 97% 6. Josef Narotzki Lomza 1904 20 97% eight. Mottel Narotzki Dolgnia 1904 twenty two 97% 8. Reizel Narotzki Swir, Russia 1913 cuatro 97% nine. Mordche Narodzki 1906 96% . Continue reading “Koszanowski, Wiktor Meters 22y S Russia – Polish Dolginow, Russia”